• 9 декабря 2016, пятница
  • Москва, м. Достоевская, ул. Октябрьская, дом 5 Dostoevskaya metro station, Octyabrskaya st., 5, theatre TENJ

Chopin's Etudes

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1094 дня назад
9 декабря 2016, начало в 21:00
м. Достоевская, ул. Октябрьская, дом 5 Dostoevskaya metro station, Octyabrskaya st., 5, theatre TENJ

Director — Arseny Epelbaum. In the main and the only role — Sergey Melkonyan.

The performance is based on the memoirs of contemporaries about the early life of Chopin, of whom we know that in 1829, not as a famous composer, Chopin joined the "Warsaw National Drama Theatre" because he was in love with prima actress Constance Gladkovskaya. It is known that Chopin worked in the theater only for one season, playing a minor role, and ended his unsuccessful artistic career in the  April 1830. But then, just four months later, in Vienna, Chopin gave a series of solo concerts, in one of which the German music critic and composer Robert Schumann called out directly from his place: "Gentlemen, hats off! We see the genius before us!"

This performance is played without words, only pantomima. We hear Chopin’s music.

On the stage we see young Chopin sitting in his dressing room backstage,  waiting for his role. We see only Chopin, some props, costumes and hear the echoes of going somewhere on a big stage "Hamlet" performance.

This is a solo performance, in one hour Sergei Melkonyan playes the story of love and creative search of the young Chopin without words. Sergei Melkonyan, known for his comic roles, charm, expression and irony literally attracts the attention of the audience, under the beautiful music of Chopin. He tells the audience about his love, about searching for his place in life and about  how unsuccessful actors entertain themselves behind the stage where genius play great roles. The performance has a drama final: Chopin realizes that his mission is music, not theater, and at this point breaks his table in the dressing room, per second turning it into a piano.


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